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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Life is always full of unexpected challenges and opportunities.  During the past couple of years, I have been surprised over and over again as I take time to review, contemplate, and assess my experiences.  The surprises usually come when I take a look at the times which I thought of as unproductive or even counterproductive.

One of the things that I have consistently noted is how I have become a much more detailed oriented person than I used to be as an early twenty something.  It is not that I am some master of organization now- that will probably never happen.  Instead, I am very aware of my own faults and I'm o.k. with them.  Being o.k. with my faults doesn't mean that I encourage bad behaviors; it just means that I am aware of them and I know how to deal with them much better.

For example, I recently realized I was not taking an accurate view of myself and the way I spent my time.  There were times when I was far too optimistic and rosy, and there were times when I was way too hard on myself.  So, when I realized this I decided to start doing some specific disciplines again.

First, I started a journal.  Each day I take some time to fill a notebook with what I have done with my time.   Accomplishments, prayer, conversations, and daily events now litter my notebook. It is even starting to be a habit I look forward to each day. At first it was annoying, but now I can see areas of growth and areas which I need improvement.

Second, I started taking a picture of something ever day.  My focus with every picture is to find something which explains a little part of my life.  Visually recording these things helps me bring some cohesiveness to the fractures I sometimes feel with my time.

Finally, my prayer life has become more regular.  There are several parts to it but two of my focuses right now are praying for opportunities for me and my Christian friends to share Jesus, and a regular confession and lament over sin.  There have been times when I didn't take either of these parts of my prayer life as seriously, and I know that my relationship with God and other people have floundered.  Praying in this way helps me stay on course.

I'm not sure where God is going to take us next, but we will be ready for it. These disciplines are helping me to submit to God regularly and joyfully. It's not necessarily comfortable, but it is freeing and peaceful.

It could be compared to taking a long road trip. Rarely are such trips completely cushy and comfortable.  Still, memorable roads trips always deliver amazing experiences, even when they are subtle and long in the uptake.  

In my twenties, I wanted shorter trips so I could get somewhere quick. Usually this was somewhere I wanted to go, somewhere I had fantasized about. Right now, I'm ready for the long haul...ready to find out where the road takes me.  Surprises aren't a bad thing. 

It's o.k. if we don't get there right away. We'll get there though. We just need to keep going in the right direction. 

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